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The Waterfront Wynyard is a riverside motel on Tasmania's northwest coast. Wynyard is a twenty-minute drive from Burnie (16 kilometres) and two hours from Launceston (171 kilometres).The Waterfront’s 25 ensuite rooms all have views across the Inglis River. Accommodation is available in king, queen, twin, and family rooms. Facilities include complimentary cable television, desks and fax facilities in some rooms and high speed Internet access is also available. You can sample fresh Tasmanian produce, including local seafood, at the Riverview restaurant and Café at the Waterfront. From your accommodation, it is a short walk to the riverside wharf where you can buy freshly caught fish, or perhaps join a charter tour to catch your own. Drive to Table Cape to see fields of springtime tulips, explore the fossil cliffs or visit the lighthouse. Travel further west to Rocky Cape National Park and on to Stanley. Here, you can watch penguins coming ashore to roost or join a cruise to a seal rookery. Take the chairlift to the top of the Nut - the stump of an ancient volcano - for spectacular views of the coast.
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