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Taree Leagues Sports Club

entertainment | Taree NSW 2430

(02) 6552 2200
43 Cowper St, Taree NSW 2430

Pubs and Clubs welcomes Taree Leagues Sports Club, in Taree for all your restaurant and entertainment needs, enquire online today.

Looking for someplace to have a great time and savour great food? Taree Leagues Sports Club is the perfect spot. Housing one of the best Sports and Bowling Clubs in Taree, we provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for club members to enjoy an ideal venue for socialising or enjoying a meal.Enjoy a range of activities with us and with family and friends, including bowls, darts, cricket and travel club. We also have bingo and a number of raffles every week. Taree Leagues Sports Club also offers a superb variety of entertainment, such as live bands and other performers. We are the only venue in town to have LIVE entertainment every Friday night. Play KENO or use the TAB—do whatever your heart fancies. Taree Leagues Sports Club has excellent facilities where guests can have fun at any game or any other activity of their choice.Aside from having one of the preferred bowling clubs in Taree, we offer a great dining experience. The famous Bistro Cafe offers members and their guests a hearty range of delicious options including gourmet burgers, mouthwatering seafood dishes, traditional roasts plus so much more to tickle your tastebuds plus coffee and cake available each day. Freshly prepared and served quickly to you in a counter bistro setting or in our fully serviced restaurant.To further accommodate our guests and club members, we have courtesy bus for their convenience and security.
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