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St. Michael's Golf Club

entertainment | Little Bay NSW 2036

02 9326 8000
Jennifer Street, Little Bay NSW 2036

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Michael's Golf Club stands amongst Australia's best, recently ranked as one of New South Wales top ten golf courses, and holds a national ranking amongst the top fifty.

With a location immersed within the Botany Bay National Parkland, adjoining the Pacific Ocean, course designer's Glancey and Moran (1938) had visions of designing a tough championship links course, without disturbing the natural terrain and beauty of the Little Bay peninsula (par 72).

Today St.

Michael's has evolved as one of Australia's few environmentally aware golf links by implementing specific programs aimed at protecting resources, flora and fauna.

The objective is to reduce their carbon footprint, protect the endangered species of the region and to be responsible for the way in which they function as a golfing business.

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