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Bellbunya Community

114 Browns Rd, Belli Park QLD 4562
Bellbunya is home to a sustainable intentional community and Eco-Conference Centre. Visit us at www.bellbunya.org.au Bellbunya is a demonstration centre for sustaining living on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland Australia. Get a taste of community life as a visitor or a volunteer, or allow us to host your next conference, retreat or workshop. Learn with us by doing and sharing, or participate in a course - permaculture, yoga, holistic health, sustainable design, alternative economics, group processes and more. Bellbunya is owned by an environmental charity and set up as an intentional community on 40 acres. We have organic food gardens, wildlife corridors, a creek and lagoon, a conference hall and restaurant and accommodation for up to 16 guests. The Centre is run on 100% renewable energy through our 7.2kva solar panel system and by buying wind farm energy. Integral to the Centre is the Bellbunya Sustainable Community, established to explore ways to create a re-localised and sustainable future. Our ?4-bottomline? approach includes: (1) personal and spiritual growth, (2) social sustainability, (3) economic sustainability, and (4) environmental sustainability. We practice permaculture, organic growing and bushland regeneration. We employ a broad range of group process skills and techniques for group facilitation, collaborative decision making, team building, conflict resolution and project management. We have developed various processes and structures to enable us to function effectively and to continue to learn and grow ? both as a community and as individuals. We are growing sustainable enterprises that develop the healthy interplay of relationships with our environment and each other.