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Shp 3/ 1 Reading Ave, East Killara NSW 2071

L Maestro, The LIquor Master

East Killara Shopping Centre, 50 Koola Ave, East Killara NSW 2071
L Maestro, The Liquor Master is a new independent liquor store with a great range of local and imported products. We cater for all of your needs whether you need advice for everyday, functions, wine dinners or events. With knowledge and experience for over 20 years in the industry, we are best suited in offering advise about different wines and the foods to be paired with it. The beverages we stock include: -Australian Wines -Boutique Wines -Imported Beers -Imported Wines -Investment Wines -Sparkling Wines -Vintage Wines -Liqueurs -Local Beers -Craft Beers -Port -Premixes -Whisky -Soft Drinks We cater to different functions like club events, conferences, corporate events, private parties, promotions, seminars, wine tastings, Christmas parties, cocktail parties and weddings. Call us on 02 9498 6280 to know more.