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Singh's Restaurant Logo and Images

Singh's Restaurant

Shp5-6/ 670 Oxley Rd, Corinda QLD 4075

If you like food, you are a foodie.  Indian foods are widely popular in around US, UK, Australia. Indian dishes are healthy and spicy too. India being a large country has cuisines specific to various states and regions but prominently the cuisines are either North Indian or South Indian.  Each of these cuisines has a distinct flavour and distinct market segment. The ability to produce and offer the two cuisines gives an edge to Singh’s Restaurant over other restaurants in the region.   Harry Bhatia, Jasminder Sethi and Sharry Bhatia, the promoter of the business have a number of years experience in various roles.

Singh’s Restaurant offers a number of tempting Indian vegetarian dishes like Navratan Korma, Shahi Paneer, Paneer tikkas, daal makhni Amritsari etc. to the connoisseurs of taste.

The Non-Vegetarian side of Indian cuisine comprises of many juicy, tender delicacies made with eggs, mutton, chicken, fish etc. We offer a great variety in meat , poultry and fish dishes in Indian Cuisine, here we will make efforts to present most of the non-vegetarian dishes served as both snacks and main course like tandoori tikkas, kababs, fish tandoori specially in clay oven tandoor, Rogan josh, butter chicken and much more.