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Bangers N Mash

3736 The Bucketts Way, Krambach NSW 2429
Kings Creek Saddle Club Logo and Images

Kings Creek Saddle Club

84 Kings Creek Road, Krambach NSW 2429

Kings Creek Saddle Club provide riding lessons for riders of all stages of development.

Various types of private lessons are available - ridden, ground play, in the arena and along forest trails.

Kings Creek Saddle Club covers the non-riding aspects of horses such as handling, natural behaviour and tack fitting which will help the rider develop a deeper understanding and form a firm bond with their horse.

The three lovely school horses, 'Tallulah', 'Felicity' and 'Skeeter' were bred, started and educated by Carla and Spud.

Kings Creek Saddle Club teach students how to handle and ride a horse safely and effectively and to learn how to properly care for horses and form a bond with one.

They promote balance and co-ordination, patience, perseverance and interaction with the animals allowing you to form an understanding of basic horse behaviour and personality.